Effects Library includes over 100 effects that be implemented on 1 library.

This libarry can implement for all application that can run on most devices embedded system such as Navigation device, Screen Advetisement Device on Elevator or Supper Market…
This effects can use for screen saver of device also.

This effects Libarary is processed on 2D/3D effects. So can implement on 2D/3D graphics device embedded also.

Click See All Effects for see more detail on Effects list.

The most issue encountered by WinCE programmers is the lack of an effective tool and easy approach to build user interface these day. With that challenge, Covisoft and all staff, working hardly continuously improving the product CUL2D to support and serve customers.

CUL2d is a library to help developers create an user interface and data management components such as: Button, ToggleButton, CaptionButton, Icon, ProcessBar, ScrollBar,… Besides, Panes are elements allow positioning components inside it according to a different method. For example, positioning exactly as AnchorPane or aligning components according to the side as HBox. Regardless of the components can also be integrated to work well with effect library such as CEffect2D and CEffect3D. The choice will depend on user’s purpose or the hardware configuration.


Navigation system is developed based on Windows CE embedded device which CPU as following the platforms: ARMv4, Magellan, SiRFprima, MA7Compact, Atlan of Korean leading companies with following the models: iRiver Slimplus, Mobis PS350, PS500, UX2, HS781, HS8812DT, HS8813D, HS8813DT, K72D, K73D, BI9500 …

The system focuses on basic functions:
• CUL2D/3D Library: 2D/3D GUI management library.
• MACO Library: All in one source code of Navigation system.
• Navigation: Focus on supporting about maps, roads, GPS, TPEG, navigating for drivers.
• DMB: Entertaining the Digital Media Broadcasting on air.
• Music & Movie player: Enable for listening music and watching movie directly on the device.
• Photo: Support function of image processing application.
• AVIN, Rear Camera and other functions.


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