Navigation system is developed based on Windows CE embedded device which CPU as following the platforms: ARMv4, Magellan, SiRFprima, MA7Compact, Atlan of Korean leading companies with following the models: iRiver Slimplus, Mobis PS350, PS500, UX2, HS781, HS8812DT, HS8813D, HS8813DT, K72D, K73D, BI9500 …

The system focuses on basic functions:
• CUL2D/3D Library: 2D/3D GUI management library.
• MACO Library: All in one source code of Navigation system.
• Navigation: Focus on supporting about maps, roads, GPS, TPEG, navigating for drivers.
• DMB: Entertaining the Digital Media Broadcasting on air.
• Music & Movie player: Enable for listening music and watching movie directly on the device.
• Photo: Support function of image processing application.
• AVIN, Rear Camera and other functions.

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