Augmented Reality (AR) enables people to view objects in the real life using Camera on Smartphone.

Festive (Initiative): Shoot festive KV to trigger play video on top of KV.

DM: Link DM’s visual and multimedia message.
DM+CRM: Provide blank purchase history and point section to retrieve personalized information.

Product: Product image or product itself opens additional information and link to BIN.

Push Notification: Send push notification based on targeting (member grade), people who use AR against certain visual, etc. This application provides more information of the products, labels, companies… when they use devices to point at the adverts on articles, magazines, posters, packages or directly point at the products.

In advance, Covisoft ready for Google Glass system with AR technology. Google Glass is a product that working as a PC, display on a half-inch screen size and is supported by Augmented Reality technology that allows users to make video chat, take and share photos, searching Web, check appointments, view maps, make a phone call, GPS…Google Glass Products will open a new trend for future technology.

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